cluster fly

Can Flies Harass You in the Winter Months?

If you think about flies, you probably imagine a summertime scene. A picnic, perhaps, lots of sunshine, and those irritating flies buzzing around you trying to get a look in. But while flies can be annoying during the summer months, they can also cause problems for you when the days get shorter and the temperature…

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How to Prevent Pigeons Causing a Nuisance Around Your Property

If you asked 100 people to name their favourite bird, chances are none of them would mention a pigeon. Indeed, these birds can be nothing but pests, especially when they find a good spot to roost in. If they find somewhere to settle in, there is little you can do to get rid of them.…

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Could You Spot Signs of a Cockroach Infestation?

Some pests are seasonal – more active at certain times of the year. Cockroaches can cause issues throughout the year, however. It makes sense to know how to identify their presence – something you can do without seeing one on its own. Nocturnal activity makes them hard to spot Some pests can easily be seen…

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Is Your Hen Run Safe from Stoats, Weasels, and Mink?

Many wild animals see a shortage of food during the winter months. That means they will search further afield and look for food sources wherever they can. Most owners of hens will be alert to the possibility of foxes attacking the run. However, you should also consider the chance of it being attacked by stoats,…

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mole garden

How to Spot Moles in Your Garden

We are approaching the time of year when moles might start causing problems in your garden. While some pests hide their tracks better than others, you certainly can’t include moles in this description. They eagerly create tunnels and shove the offending earth up and out as they go. Hence the molehills that appear on your…

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Are You Ready to Rid Your Property of Birds Nests?

As the summer comes to an end and the new school year begins, many people seek the opportunity to declutter. Summer clothes are put away and winter clothing comes out as temperatures drop. Falling temperatures also see many birds fly to seek warmer climes. September represents the end of the nesting season for many birds…

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How to Spot a Wasp Nest

We are in the middle of the peak season for wasp nests. These tend to be spotted anytime from June through until September. Wasps will begin to build their nests early in spring. However, since they are small at that time, many of them go unnoticed. It is not until the summer months that people…

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How Can You Spot Hover Flies?

Can you tell the difference between wasps and hover flies? Many people cannot, and it’s not surprising either – they look quite similar. We’re in the middle of the peak season for hover flies, so plenty of people are getting spooked by their appearance. Here’s how to tell the difference between wasps and hover flies,…

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pest fleas

It’s Peak Flea Season: Are You Affected?

The past few weeks have seen plenty of hot weather across the UK. If you own a cat or dog, you’ll know how important it is to keep them out of the heat. However, they still like to venture outside both early and late in the day. Our dog regularly sits outside to watch the…

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Just a hole in the ground? Wasp nest in Dundee

Just a hole in the ground? That’s what a customer with a wasp problem in Dundee thought, until they started digging nearby – look at what happens in the video! We had to eradicate this wasp nest in Dundee as it was dangerous – the customer got stung several times after they’d disturbed it. Wasp…

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