Know What to Look for During Stoat Season

Stoat season… it sounds dramatic and indeed it can be, but not in a good way. Not for homeowners and businesses and anyone else affected by their behaviour, anyway. Colder weather approaching leads to challenges for property owners September marks the first month of the year when stoats can start causing problems inside houses and…

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Get Rid Of Pigeons And Pigeon Mess

Pest Pigeons: Why You Should Consider Calling in the Experts to Deal with Them

Summer seems filled with birds of all kinds. Some are perhaps more welcome than others. However, as August approaches its end and we ease into September with autumn approaching, we reach a different challenge. This is the period where pigeons can become notable pests, finding shelter wherever they can as the weather turns cooler and…

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Did You Bring Bedbugs Home from Holiday?

Many people head off on holiday each year – either abroad or as a staycation. However, while many of us feel dejected at the thought of going home, few of us would ever imagine we’d bring some interlopers back with us. We’re talking about bedbugs – tiny little bugs that can infest various parts of…

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Spot the Birds Nests While They’re Still in Use

You probably already know you cannot by law disturb a bird’s nest if it is being used. Once you see one, you must leave it in place and cause no damage or harm to the nest, any eggs inside it, or the birds using it. However, this is the time of year to find out…

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How to Spot a Wasps Nest and What to Do About It

Wasps are part of summer. We see them and hope not to get stung by them, and most of us manage to avoid that experience. However, spotting a wasp or two is very different from seeing a lot of them. This is a sure sign there is a nest nearby – and it could be…

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Nesting Birds Season: Things You Need to Know

Did you know you cannot disturb an active nest during nesting season? If that nest is in use, you cannot do anything to remove or disturb it until the season is over. If the nest is empty and there are no signs of bird activity, you are then free to remove it before the next…

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wasp nest eradication

Wasps control, wasp removal and wasp nest eradication

Wasp control in Perth is needed at this time of year because wasp nests are starting to get quite large now. The wasp nest in Perth in the picture was started inside a bird box, but you can hardly see the bird box anymore because the wasp nest has expanded through the hole and is…

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Bird Mites

How Much Do You Know about Bird Mites?

If you have begun to suffer from itchy bites in your home, chances are you may have arrived on this page wanting to know the facts about bird mites. There are plenty of things that can bite humans, of course. Yet some are easier to see than these little things. The mites really are little…

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How to Make Your Home Less Appealing to Fleas

Is such a thing possible? Cat and dog owners might well wonder. While we are experiencing much cooler weather than we did at this point last year, the fleas are out there. They are more likely to venture indoors – catching a ride on our pets as they do so – during warmer weather than…

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gulls on roof

How to Protect Yourself Against Gulls

Gulls – whether seagulls, herring gulls, or anything similar – can be a pain. We associate them with the seaside, their cries often being heard as we walk along seafronts and enjoy the attractions. We may see gulls dropping by to steal chips and annoy people enjoying lunch by the sea. Such images and footage…

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