Does Cold Weather Reduce the Odds of Being Pestered by Pests?

It’s certainly been very cold recently, as much of the UK has seen snowfall, with many areas affected by lying snow and ice. That means we’re shutting windows and doors to keep the heat in, but does that also mean we can expect fewer pests in and near our homes? Some pests are less prevalent…

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cluster fly

Are Cluster Flies Clustering in Your Home this Winter?

As pests go, flies are not the most frustrating species you could have an issue with. However, no one wants flies buzzing around. While we tend to associate flies with the summer months, it is possible to see cluster flies in the winter. Moreover, it is possible those flies could present a problem inside your…

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cockroach infestation

Do You Know the Number One Sign of a Cockroach Infestation?

Cockroaches are hardy creatures. It is often said they would be the last creatures remaining on earth if something else came along and wiped out everyone and everything else. Suffice to say no one would want to be faced with an infestation of these roaches. But would you know whether you were unfortunate enough to…

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dog fleas

Do Fleas Die Off in the Winter?

Fleas can be a real pain for all pet owners. While the peak flea season is during the summer months, thanks to the warmer weather, they are still around throughout the autumn and winter. Additionally, central heating keeps our homes nice and warm during the colder months, and this can help ensure the flea population…

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Is Your Property Attractive to Rats?

No one wants to encounter any problems with rats, but we all know they are around us. We may never (or rarely) see them, but that doesn’t mean our properties aren’t at risk of being targeted by them. Rats are opportune creatures, as are a lot of pests. Even if they cannot get into your…

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Now is the Time to Remove Birds’ Nests

There are plenty of reasons to give your property the once-over before winter comes. But whatever you have written on your to-do list in this respect, there is a chance you haven’t got birds’ nests on there. If you haven’t, you may want to add it near the top of the list, because September and…

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Are Animals and Birds Seeking Shelter in Your Home for the Winter?

When the weather gets colder and the nights draw in, it’s natural to want to spend more time at home. We head indoors, draw the curtains, and snuggle down for the rest of the day if we can. So, it is hardly surprising to know many animals and birds head for shelter as well. Some…

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How to Keep Birds Away from Your Fruit and Vegetable Patch

When we think about birds as pests, we tend to think about them nesting in roof spaces. They might also find other nooks to get into around the exterior of your home. However, birds can also be very destructive in your garden – especially if you’re keen on growing your own fruit and vegetables. Bird…

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Does Your Farm Have a Problem with Mice?

No one likes mice, unless they are the cute kind you find in pet shops that you can take home to care for. But they can be far more problematic for some than for others. If you are a farmer, you may already know this. Once the harvesting begins around June, mice can be a…

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