Oh dear, where have you found the holes? Have you discovered holes in clothes? And, more to the point, what caused them? Do you have vermin or a pest problem?

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify signs of pests and decide if you’ve actually got a pest problem or not. And then you have to decide if you need to do anything about it – and what to do.

But don’t let a pest problem like this get out of hand because it could damage your health, property or business.

If in doubt, ring or email us for professional pest control advice on how to identify pest damage and pest problems and how to get rid of pests. We’ve 30 years experience in pest control, provide free pest control surveys and free insect identification for problem insects. And we’re available 7 days a week for advice and help. We really do know what we’re doing; you can trust us to get it right.

There’s more information below as well to help you identify pest problems.

Moths like the Clothes Moth will breed in silk and wool; soft, natural fabrics that the moth larvae feed on , leaving threadbare carpets and holey clothes and furnishings. We used moth control in Perth for a customer who’d asked us to identify which pest had stripped all the wool off the inside of her sheepskin slippers.

The larvae of the Brown House Moth can cause this damage too, and they’ll eat fur and feathers as well.

You might not have noticed the adult moths though, it’s possible to just notice the damage that’s been done.

If you suspect that you have a moth problem then the sooner it is dealt with the better; the moth infestation could spread and get out of hand. There are several different types of moth that can cause an infestation. You need to have a proper identification of the moth before the right moth treatment is selected.

Perhaps there’s a pest beetle infestation of the Hide Beetle, Fur Beetle or Carpet Beetle. Their names give these three away; their larvae will eat furs and feathers as well as natural fibres. Again, you might not have noticed the adult beetles, just the damage that their larvae have caused. If the infestation is well established though you should be able to find some beetles somewhere. We’ve used beetle control in Perth for a guest house owner who’d asked us to identify beetles in a bedroom.

Vermin like rats and mice will chew holes in anything and could easily cause damage to carpets, clothes and furnishings. You might notice the smell of vermin urine or see their droppings close by. We’ve used mouse control in Perth for a hotel that found damaged blankets in the linen cupboard; not the guests they wanted using their bedding!

We provide a free pest identification service and a survey for both businesses and householders to help with this; ring 01738 813751 now or email for expert pest control advice.


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