Solar panel bird proofing Kirkcaldy

Solar panel bird proofing Kirkcaldy

We found this very blocked gutter when we visited for solar panel bird proofing Kirkcaldy Fife last week.  The customer had seen a few pest pigeons at the solar panels and wanted to get rid of pigeons to stop birds nesting under solar panels Kirkcaldy.

In fact, we found only 1 nest under the solar panels. But look at the sheer amount of droppings in the gutter! – it is far more than can be produced by 1 pair of nesting pigeons. This is because as well as nesting under solar panels, pigeons and birds use them to shelter under in bad weather and to roost under safely at night.

The need to nest, to have shelter and to roost somewhere safe at night are very, very strong instincts in birds. The pigeons will not just ‘go away’ but will always want to come back to the solar panels. The birds using the solar panels for shelter and roosting will start nesting under them too, so one nest now will become more next spring, creating even more mess on the roof and blocking the gutter. The blocked gutters overflow and the filth falls down on to the ground below and the downpipes get blocked up too. If you get the gutters cleaned out then they simply fill up again with mess. You will get more pigeons on the roof and more noise from them, and even vegetation growing on the roof and in the gutters.

Pest bird control to get rid of pigeons at the solar panels Fife permanently is the best solution to the bird problem.  We provide professional solar panel bird protection Kirkcaldy, solar panel bird protection Dunfermline,  and solar panel bird protection Fife with several different types of solar panel bird proofing kit, solar panel bird exclusion kit and solar panel bird mesh.  We have our own access equipment and cherry-picker too for hard-to-reach areas and high roofs.

Customers always ask us how much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels. We always do a free survey first so we can be sure which solar panel bird proofing is best for the solar panels and to check the roof access. It is also important to see how many pigeons and nests are under the panels because these need to be removed. We always give a written quote for the bird proofing solar panels cost. We clean out the gutter below the panels too.

Contact us for professional pest bird control to get rid of pigeons Kirkcaldy Fife  solar panel bird proofing Perth and for solar panel bird proofing Dundee.