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Wasps in Dundee

Yet another wasp nest removed in a shed in Dundee today. We have visited to eradicate wasp nests in Dundee many times so far this year, mostly in places where it is easier to spot the first signs of wasp nest activity such as in sheds, in holes in walls where security lights, cabling and…

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swallows in nest

Having Trouble with Protected Birds?

Swallows and house martins, sparrows and starlings… all these birds have one thing in common. They are all protected, which means you cannot remove any nests that you might find in or around your property. Oftentimes, people do not realise they have birds nesting on their property until they see the birds and watch where…

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swarms of bees

Swarms of Bees

Honey bees swarm at this time of year – late April to July – and are often mistaken for swarms of wasps and swarms of hornets. The queen and a mass of worker bees from a bee hive leave to find a new place to establish another bee hive, so you’ll see a lot of…

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Wasps Are Starting To Build Wasp Nests

Queen wasps have been late in building wasp nests this year because of the cold, snowy weather we had, but they are thriving now and are busy building wasp nests. The wasp nests start off very small with just the queen wasp in them. The picture is of a very early wasp nest on the…

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It Could Be a Big Year for Flying Ants

It hardly seems like a year has gone by since we last saw swarms of flying ants causing a nuisance for many of us. Yet here we are again – about to be hassled as the ants perform their so-called ‘nuptial flight’. It might sound appealing and romantic, but it is far from that for…

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The Return of the Ants

This time of year, one tiny creature reappears and begins to cause problems in our gardens – and sometimes indoors, too. This creature seems small and harmless, but in large numbers it can cause issues. And even one can bite. If you hadn’t already seen the title for this post, the humble ant might be…

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What to do about ants in the house

Garden ants have been seen inside houses and kitchen surprisingly often so far this year: even when it was snowing we were getting calls about ant problems. When the weather warms up then the ants will get more active and their numbers will increase, so we think a lot of people will get ant problems…

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masonary bee

Can Masonry Bees Damage Your Home?

We’ve all heard of honey bees, but did you know there are over 250 species of the humble bee buzzing around the UK each year? Few of us could identify more than one or two of them. However, the masonry bee is one you might want to know more about. Masonry bees are so called…

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The Importance of Pest Control in Farming

Exciting week this week  – we were interviewed on national BBC radio about the importance of pest control in farming. We got a chance to explain our pest control work on farms on Farming Today on BBC Radio 4 on Monday. This programme goes out at 5:45am and we were on right at the beginning.…

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Could You Spot a Bite from a Bird Mite?

Insect bites are frustrating, and something most of us will experience at one time or another. Some insects and pests cause problems at certain times of the year and not others. April marks the start of a six-month period where bird mites can become problematic for some people. There is a greater chance of being…

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