Swarms of flying ants in Perth and Kinross and Fife

Swarms of flying ants in Perth and Kinross and Fife are starting to cause problems. Flying Ants are the sexually mature forms of the commonest ant in Scotland – the Garden Ant or Black Ant. What does an ant swarm look like? It looks like masses of large and small flies but they’re actually ants with wings: the large ones are female, the smaller ones are male. The males and females fly in the swarm to mate. Once they have mated then the males die and the females lose their wings and go away to start a new ant nest. Ant swarms can happen inside houses and outside.

Ant swarms happen in July and August when the weather turns hot, humid and thundery. You might have seen ants in the kitchen or conservatory or ants on the patio and thought nothing much about it, or perhaps you’ve been putting down some ant powder to control ants or ant baits to get rid of ants. Then suddenly one day the air is full of hundreds of ants in a flying frenzy, which can be pretty scary.

We had a call to get rid of ants and flying ants in Perth from a customer who thought that their drains were blocked because they had found so many flies suddenly in the kitchen, but it turned out to be an ant swarm, which is very unpleasant in a kitchen. It turned out that ants had been seen on the kitchen units on and off all summer. Flying ant control was needed in Pitlochry for a patio infested by ants and flying ants swarm  – the customer couldn’t even open the windows in this hot weather.  We have got rid of ants and flying ants in Dundee and Cupar too using professional ant control.

Don’t ignore an ant presence inside or near the house. Get professional ant control to get rid of the ants because the insecticides can be harmful to children, pets and wildlife if they’re not used properly. Contact us for help and advice on ant control and to get rid of ants and flying ants swarms in Perth and Kinross, Dundee and Fife.