Andy Law Pest Control provide professional mouse control and prevention of mouse infestations.

We treat mouse problems for domestic, commercial and agricultural customers and we are happy to deal with large and small scale mouse problems. We use mouse pest control rodenticides available only for professional use and are skilled in the full range of mouse control methods.

We use mouse control safely too, so no harm is done to children, pets, livestock and wildlife; we’re Wildlife Aware Accredited, specially trained in protecting the environment. And we’ve got the experience to deal with mouse problems wherever they are: houses and sheds, food business and offices, large commercial and leisure buildings, farms, stables and other pet and livestock housing.

Don’t let a mouse problem get out of hand; it could harm your health, damage your property and ruin your business. If in doubt, ring or email us for professional pest mouse pest control, advice on pest proofing and how to get rid of mice. We’ve 30 years’ experience in pest control and can provide free pest control surveys. And we’re available 7 days a week for advice and help. We really do know what we’re doing; you can trust us to get it right.

There’s more information below on pest mice and mouse control

Pest mice
Mice are called rodent vermin because they chew everything they come across; their front teeth are always growing and so constant nibbling like this stops the teeth from getting too long. The commonest pest mice in Scotland are the house mouse, the long-necked field mouse, also called the wood mouse, and the yellow-necked field mouse.

The house mouse prefers to live inside buildings all year round but the long-tailed field mouse or wood mouse is very often found inside too. If you ever get close to these small creatures you’ll see that the house mouse has smaller ears, eyes and tail and weighs less too, about 18gm compared to 25gm for a wood mouse.

Mouse infestations
Mice are always nearby, looking for shelter and food in and around buildings. They are good at digging, are extremely agile climbers, can jump pretty high – 30cm straight up in the air – and they can squeeze through gaps as small as 6mm. They can get into buildings from the foundations up to the roof and it can be nearly impossible to keep them out. Once they’re inside the mice infest buildings by crawling and climbing through gaps in the walls, along cables and piping, under floors, above ceilings and through roof spaces; they move along entire terraces of houses or shops and through blocks of flats. Mice love older buildings because there are lots of gaps for them to get through; an old cottage was riddled with them upstairs and downstairs and needed mouse control in Pitlochry to clear the infestation. Mice get in to modern buildings and houses too; a new office block needed mouse control in Perth because mice were running around the floors in broad daylight. Mice will also shelter in sheds and garages; burst bags of bird feed needed mouse control in Cupar and we had to get rid of mice in Kinross when they ate bulbs in the garden shed. They love hiding under decking too; there are a lot of gardens with our mouse control in Kinross.

Some signs of a mouse infestation are small, dark droppings, nibbled pipe insulation or foods and nasty smells from mouse urine or dead mice. You could hear noises in walls and roofs, especially at night when the mice tend to move around more. You might even see mice, but they have very good hearing and have usually disappeared before you get near them, Mice like to live in quiet, secluded places so you’ll find traces of them in roof spaces, under kitchen units, in boiler and electric cupboards, in store rooms and under cover outside. A good example is mouse nests in Christmas decorations from the attic; we used mouse control in Cupar for that last year, and we’ve used mouse control in Dundee when a restaurant found mouse droppings at the back of the dry store.

Damage and disease from mouse infestations
Mice are rodent vermin so they chew and destroy anything they find. We were called for mouse control in Perth when the vermin chewed through water pipes in the attic and flooded a cottage, and they’d chewed underfloor heating when we were needed for mouse control in Auchterarder. A faulty shop alarm cable was caused by pest mice needing mouse control in Crieff. Even cars prove tasty some winters; we’ve used mouse control in Blairgowrie for customers with engine failure – and expensive repair bills.

Mice spread diseases like food poisoning, fleas and tapeworm in the droppings, urine, contamination and parasites that they leave wherever they go. They carry Weil’s Disease too; this killed an Olympic rower who caught it from a river contaminated by rodent vermin urine. Even when you can’t see the mice, their verminous traces and the risks to health are still there.

Food Businesses and rodent vermin control
Mice and rats are a risk to Food Businesses because of laws such as The Food Hygiene Regulations and The Food Safety Act. These say that food and drink must be fit for human consumption and not contaminated by vermin; also that vermin must be kept out of the premises in the first place. Breaking the law can mean heavy fines, lost reputation and closure. It’s best to have rodent control under a professional pest control contract to satisfy the law, Environmental Health and Auditors. Contract prevention and control of rodents is also very cost effective and efficient too, far better than waiting until there’s an infestation. Contract pest control for mice and rats is suitable for small take-aways through to large hotels; we provide food businesses and farms with contract pest control in Pitlochry and other towns and cities in the area we serve.

Mouse control methods
Poison bait, best used by a professional who knows exactly how to use it well and safely. Break-back traps, these very often can’t control an infestation alone. Mouse proofing can help keep the vermin out in the first place. Glue Boards trap vermin by their feet. Environmental management to deter mice.

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Domestic, Food Business, Commercial, Agricultural, Amenity. We’ve the knowledge and skills to provide professional pest control, pest prevention and pest proofing for a wide range of customers.

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