Andy Law Pest Control provide professional pest control services for a wide range of problem pests for both domestic and commercial customers.

Working in rural Scotland it’s not surprising we have to provide rural pest control for wildlife causing pest problems, especially pest stoats, pest mink and pest weasels. We have years of experience in pest control and game-keeping, so we know all the traditional country skills for dealing with problem stoats, mink and weasels.

Animal Welfare is important in pest stoat, pest mink and pest weasel control; with our professional training, game-keeping and veterinary backgrounds, you can trust us to do pest control humanely and legally.

If in doubt, ring or email us for professional pest control advice on how to control stoats, mink and weasels.We’ve 30 years experience in pest control and provide pest control surveys. And we’re available 7 days a week for advice and help. We really do know what we’re doing; you can trust us to get it right.

There’s more information below as well about our professional pest stoat, pest mink and pest weasel control

Pest problems caused by Stoats, Weasels and Mink
stoatMost customers contact us for pest stoat, pest mink and pest weasel control when these pests cause problems with hens, fancy fowl and waterfowl. They are skilful hunters, with stoats and mink able to take grown birds. Mink are especially vicious killers and can swim; they decimate broods of young waterfowl by killing them from below the water. Weasels live on smaller mammals, including mice, but they also eat birds’ eggs.

It is quite common to find a stoat or weasel living in your grounds. If it causes you no problems then it is probably best left alone. We find evidence of stoats and stoat droppings in roof spaces during our visits for routine pest control in Perth & Kinross. A customer near Auchterarder had a stoat rear a whole family in her roof this year, we could even watch the mother taking food in for the babies. A stoat isn’t an ideal house guest but in cases like this we prefer to wait until the young get bigger and see if the stoat family moves on. If they don’t then we can catch them up humanely and re-home them – there is always a customer with a rabbit problem that will welcome them!

And here’s a stoat who’d been terrorising the ducks and hens of a small-holder who called us for pest control at Pitlochry. We caught the stoat unharmed and re-homed him.

Animal Welfare in Stoat, Weasel and Mink Control
We know our customers are concerned about this and, with our backgrounds in veterinary science and game-keeping, we take animal welfare very seriously. There are many laws that set the standards for animal welfare and we keep up-to-date with all the new developments. We are also very skilled in the work; we have never upset a customer or affected a client’s reputation by illegal or poor practices.

Control methods we use for Stoats, Weasels and Mink
We always use live-catch traps because many different animals could get in to the traps.
For example, when we were called for pest control at Aberfeldy we found that Pine Martens were the killers in the hen-run, and we caught an Otter at a pond near Crieff instead of the suspected mink.
Both these species are protected animals under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981; because we used live-catch traps we could release them back to the wild unharmed.

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