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Does Your Farm Have a Problem with Mice?

No one likes mice, unless they are the cute kind you find in pet shops that you can take home to care for. But they can be far more problematic for some than for others. If you are a farmer, you may already know this. Once the harvesting begins around June, mice can be a…

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Is Your Home as Impenetrable as You Think?

Take a moment to go outside and look at the exterior of your property. It probably looks in reasonable condition. Providing the doors and windows are closed, you may well think there is little chance anything could get in and cause damage. But is that true? Mice can get through holes measuring no more than…

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Swarms Of Flying Ants

Ant infestations produce swarms of flying ants at this time of year; this happened during the tennis matches at Wimbledon last week. Ant swarms are often seen outside but can happen inside too, which is very unpleasant. Ant nests are in the ground and the ants are usually seen crawling around; these are worker ants…

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Wasp Nests Are Starting To Get Really Big Now!

We were called to a wasp nest in Perth today that was the size of a football, which is the biggest we’ve seen so far this summer; you can see it in the picture. Compare it to the egg-sized wasp nest in the other picture, which was taken in late May – quite an increase…

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Noises Under The Kitchen Units?

Andy Law Pest Control was called out to a peculiar case this week. A customer in Perth had heard noises under the kitchen units and investigated with a torch. They said they could see 2 rats scurrying around under there; they’d also heard noises in the bedroom wall. Rats, and mice too, often get into…

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