Wasp Nests Are Starting To Get Really Big Now!

We were called to a wasp nest in Perth today that was the size of a football, which is the biggest we’ve seen so far this summer; you can see it in the picture. Compare it to the egg-sized wasp nest in the other picture, which was taken in late May – quite an increase in size. This is because when a wasp nest is small, there is only the queen wasp building it; that’s a lot of work for just one wasp and it is a slow process. The queen wasp was busy laying eggs though, as well as building the nest, and those eggs developed into worker wasps; lots more pairs of hands, or wasp feet, to build the nest and make it bigger very quickly.

The queen wasp is inside the nest now and she’s still laying lots of eggs. That means that many more worker wasps are being produced and the wasp nest will bigger and bigger through the summer and contain hundreds of wasps. The football-sized nest in the picture is the biggest that we’ve seen so far this summer; it is a good job that we eradicated and removed the wasp nest or else it would have been massive if it had been left to grow. As it was, it was already causing problems as it was in an electric shed; our customer who found it was lucky to get away without being stung.

If you suspect you have a wasp nest then don’t ignore it. Wasps are very aggressive and will attack people going near the nest. They’ll also come into houses and sting people there too. A wasp nest doesn’t die off until the autumn so, if you suspect now that you have a wasp nest don’t think that it will just ‘go away’ – it won’t! Ask us to come and eradicate the wasp nest and remove it for you.

Football-sized wasp nest in June.

Egg-sized wasp nest in May.