Spring Cleaning: The Best Time to Spot Pests Indoors

Cleaning is a necessary part of life and something we all do throughout the year. Spring cleaning, however, is a more in-depth clean to spruce up and clean the entire house before the better weather arrives.

It also gives us a chance to spot any signs of pests that might be unknowingly sharing our properties with us. Mice, moths, insects, fleas… many pests are spotted when they get indoors, settle in, and start leaving signs of their presence. But a good spring clean means you get the chance to check for signs you may not otherwise have seen.

Cleaning from top to bottom

It pays to get organised and have a plan when you spring clean your home. Washing curtains, cleaning lampshades, and clearing out drawers and wardrobes so you can vacuum, wash, or polish where necessary is a great idea.

Always check fabrics for any sign of holes or other issues. If you have items of clothing tucked away in drawers and you rarely wear them, you may not spot signs of moths and their larvae until the holes appear in items you do wear.

Meanwhile, mice can happily run along the edges of a room and stay hidden for a while before you start spotting signs. Look in areas that aren’t often cleaned – move the sofa out of its normal position to vacuum behind it, and make sure there are no signs of any vermin there.

Know what to look for

Different pests leave different signs. Mouse dropping are tiny, but still noticeable. Rat droppings, if you are unfortunate enough to see them, are bigger. Meanwhile, check your attic or loft space to look for signs of birds or flies that may have taken up residence there in the winter. Droppings and signs of nesting are the key signs here.

Some pests can be eradicated by taking common-sense steps. Prevention is always better than figuring out how to handle them once they have invited themselves in. However, spring cleaning provides the ideal time to work out whether you do have an issue, and if so, what type of pest is causing it. Getting professional advice on getting rid of the pests and preventing further problems in future is a smart idea too. Make sure you make the most of the coming spring, so you can be prepared and avoid being a home to pests in the future.