Noises in the attic and walls

Have you heard noises in the attic or walls? Did you think you were imagining it? Are you hoping it will just go away? Well, you were probably not imaging it and the noises will probably not go away.

That is because rats and mice are the commonest causes of noises in the roof and walls. The vermin move indoors in autumn to get shelter from the bad weather and they will want to stay inside all winter. Mice are an especial nuisance because they get in through gaps as small as 6mm, can dig under a house wall and climb up it too: it is impossible to keep them out. Rats need a bigger entry point, but that doesn’t stop them: we’ve used rat control in Perth when rats actually chewed through the back of a fridge and rat control in Dundee when food started disappearing from the kitchen.

Once mice and rats get inside they infest the property by climbing up and down inside walls, under floors and across ceilings and in attics – that’s how they make the noises that you hear. They often move around at night so the noise wakes you up, or you’ll hear it just when you’re going to bed, which is when you think you’re imagining it and would rather ignore it!

Don’t ignore the noises though because you could end up with a mouse infestation or rat infestation. This is dangerous and unhealthy because the vermin can chew through electric cables and plastic water pipes, as well as contaminate food, kitchens and floors with droppings and urine. We’ve done mouse control in Perth after mouse damage flooded a cottage and mouse control in Dundee for mouse-damaged alarm cables

It is always better to get professional help for rat control and mouse control.

We know just how to get rid of mice and get rid of rats, what methods are best for rat control and mouse control and what can be done for mouse-proofing and rat-proofing. Contact us for advice and help – and don’t ignore those noises!