Mole pest removal for Perth

Perth mole pest control for mole control in lawns has been keeping us busy recently. Moles eat earthworms mainly so they love undisturbed, grassed areas – like lawns! – where the worms live. The moles need to dig deeply and often to find them and throw up the dug soil as molehills. Their front legs have evolved into very powerful digging implements, making easy for the moles to power their way across fields, along road verges and under walls and fences into the best hunting areas for earthworms – like lawns!

Mole pest removal for Perth mole control in lawns is needed especially from autumn through to spring, which is when the moles are most active and most molehills appear. Several molehills can appear overnight and ruin a lawn, and the mole digging undermines the ground too. Perth mole pest removal is needed in paddocks, playing fields, golf courses and grass parks too due to the damage the moles and molehills cause. Mole control in horse paddocks helps limit the undermining of the ground too, avoiding leg injuries to horses.

If you have molehills appearing now then the moles are likely to keep causing problems through to spring, so don’t hope they will just go away. It is better to get Perth mole pest control in sooner rather than later for the most effective mole pest removal.

We have many years’ experience in mole trapping and mole gassing for mole pest control. We do mole control in lawns, golf courses, playing fields, paddocks and agricultural land. If you  would like a quote for mole control, or need advice about Perth mole pest removal and mole control then please contact us.