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Home Checks are Vital After the Beast from the East

While Scotland is still experiencing snow, the worst of the so-called Beast from the East seems to have passed. However, while many places will have dealt with more snow than they’ve seen for years, people living across the country would be well-advised to check their properties once the temperatures start to rise again.

When it snows, and the temperature drops as low as it has in recent days, our natural inclination is to stay indoors. It’s not just a case of keeping warm either – it’s also about self-preservation.

It’s not a major surprise then to realise animals and birds behave in much the same way. The amount of snow seen recently has been significant for we humans. If you were a mouse, a rat, a bird, or indeed any other creature, you’d be sensible to seek shelter in much the same way. If the place one of those creatures calls home is buried in the snow, or they cannot find shelter anywhere they’d usually head for, they might seek shelter in our sheds, our garages, or in our homes. Who could blame them?

Of course, when this happens, they may decide it is far nicer in our warm abode than their original home. They may decide to hang around. They may find our food store and help themselves. You get the idea.

So, once the snow melts, and life returns to normal, make sure you check your home inside and out. It’s important to check for damage from lying snow once it has gone, but you might also spot holes or other access points where animals and other pests have found a way out of the elements and into your home. There will be signs, no matter which pest has come indoors. They are not clever enough to clear up after themselves, which is good news for us.

However, if you suspect you have a pest following the bad weather and you’re unsure what it might be, calling in the pest control experts is by far the best decision to make. They can assess the signs and locate the pests, before getting rid of them for you. It’s not always easy to take the DIY route to pest control, although a lot depends on what you are faced with.

So, when the snow does disappear from your area, be sure to check out your property just to be safe.