flea bites

Fleas are becoming a pest flea problem this winter

Fleas are becoming a pest flea problem this winter. Lots of pets were outdoors and picking up fleas in the hot summer we’ve just had and the hot weather helped the fleas breed too. Now the weather is getting cooler and the heating is on in houses, encouraging fleas to breed indoors and  causing a flea infestation in the house. Signs of a flea problem include your dog or cat scratching or nibbling themselves and possibly getting sore skin and hair loss, you might have bites on the legs and arms and you could see the fleas crawling on your pets or on you, or jumping along the floor.

You don’t have to have pets to get dog flea or cat flea  problems. It is possible to get fleas infestation in empty properties from pets that used to live there. You will start getting bites a few days after you have moved in because vibrations from you moving around inside the property stimulate dormant flea life-stages to produce adult, biting fleas. Our most recent case of this was a flat for flea control in Kinross. Flea problems can come from bird nests too: we’ve used  flea control Perth for this where bird fleas from the attic infested the whole house.

For getting rid of fleas customers often spend a small fortune on products off the internet, but still have flea bites and a flea problem. Therefore it is important to know the facts about fleas and to understand the long, flea life-cycle to be able to deal properly with all aspects of the flea infestation. Our expert and professional pest flea control service will help you do this.

We use professional flea treatments and fumigations for flea control. We treat a property much better than you can using amateur products, and we have professional pest control equipment to make sure the fleas treatment penetrates all the infested areas.

We can tell you about flea control in your situation, about the extent of the problem, how long it will take to get rid of fleas, how many flea treatments might be needed, when it is best to do flea treatments and how to keep your children and pets safe during the treatment. And we will check that the flea treatment you have used on your pets are getting rid of cat fleas and dog fleas. Contact us for professional flea pest control Dundee, flea control Pitlochry, flea control Perth & Kinross and flea control in Cupar and Fife.