carpet beetle

eHow Can You Tell if You Have Carpet Beetles? Beetles?

Carpet beetles are not welcome in any home. If you have ever experienced an infestation, you will know how damaging these beetles can be.

But perhaps you suspect you have an issue in your home and you are unsure whether carpet beetles are the culprits. Our guide should help you identify whether carpet beetles are indeed the cause of the damage you’ve spotted.

Do your jumpers, rugs, and carpets have holes or bare patches?

If so, these pesky beetles could be the cause. They are particularly good at targeting woollen items. If you have a natural wool rug, for example, you might notice there are patches where the wool has thinned. The beetles themselves will be hard to spot though – they tend to be found underneath the rug or snuggled down inside the pile. You would need to look closely to see them. The same applies with carpets, which may also sport a few holes or thin patches.

Can you spot them?

You would need to look very carefully as they are usually no more than a few millimetres in length. The larvae are longer than adult beetles, which measure around half a centimetre long on average. It is generally the larvae that do all the munching.

There are also different types of carpet beetles, so you could spot more than one and think they were different creatures owing to the change in colouring between them.

How can you tell the difference between moth damage and carpet beetle damage?

If you have moths, you will likely find one big hole in your best jumper or carpet. However, carpet beetles tend to attack an area where they can create lots of smaller holes or bald patches. This sign is a good way to tell which pest you have a problem with.

How can you stop the beetles from causing more damage?

Since carpet beetles are difficult to see and control, it is always wise to call in the professionals to handle the situation. A professional pest control expert will be able to identify whether these pests have caused the damage you have spotted. If so, they can treat your home to get rid of them quickly and safely.

If left untreated, these beetles can munch through carpets, curtains, woollen clothing, and much else besides. Stop them in their tracks as quickly as you can for the best results.