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Does Spring Cleaning Help Eradicate Moth Infestations?

It’s a bit early for spring cleaning just yet, but many of us want to start the New Year in fresh style. That can include decluttering and deep cleaning our homes. Spring cleaning began as a way of getting rid of the soot created by real fires throughout the winter months. As soon as it got warmer and the fires were no longer needed, the home would be cleaned to spruce it up for the spring and summer months to come.

However, while far fewer people have real fires nowadays, there are still good reasons to indulge in spring cleaning. It certainly gives us an opportunity to clear out anything we no longer want or need. It also provides a chance to spot signs of moths if they have taken up residence in our wardrobes and chests of drawers.

Could spring cleaning save your clothes?

It could. Even without real fires, we can still feel far better and more positive spring cleaning our homes. Furthermore, it means we can see if any moths have been munching their way through our clothes during the winter. Woollen clothes are particularly at risk, although cotton clothing (and most of us have plenty of that) can also succumb to the appetite of the moth.

Avoid introducing conditions moths love

Spring cleaning is the ideal way to deep clean your home – and get on the moths’ nerves simultaneously. They do not like clean areas. They love dust. Clear out all your drawers and vacuum in there to get rid of loose fibres and anything else that shouldn’t be in there. Check the condition of your clothes as you do so.

You can also add mothballs and other pest repellents to deter the moths from returning if you spot any signs of them. Be sure also to empty the vacuum bag to prevent any eggs from hatching. You don’t want to inadvertently introduce them to any other areas of your home.

If you are faced with clear signs of a serious infestation, you should consider calling in pest control experts to handle it for you. Sometimes, a spring clean merely highlights a bigger issue that simple cleaning cannot deal with. If you suspect there is a serious problem, it makes sense to deal with it as quickly as you can. In doing so, you can be sure of completely getting rid of the moths and larvae.