Ant control in Perth & Kinross

Ant control in Perth & Kinross

Now that sunny spring is here we are getting calls asking if we control ant in Perth & Kinross?  The warm sunshine makes ants more active and they are being seen much more often so customers need ant pest control in houses, in shops, on doorsteps and patios and many other places.

The Black Ant, or Garden Ant, is the commonest ant control in Perth & Kinross, though there are many different ants in Scotland.  Garden Ants live in sandy soil, so you will see them outside under paving stones, in rockeries and on paths and patios. Ants inside houses and buildings normally come from ants that have moved from the garden to make ant nests in the foundations of walls and even inside the walls. The ants are so tiny that they then get out of the foundations or walls through small gaps and come out inside the house or buildings.

Ants like the sunny side of houses so rooms here  are more likely to get ants. We have used ant pest control to get rid of ant problem infestations in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways and conservatories.  Ant infestations are normally on the ground floor, but we have used ant control in Kinross for a large ant nest behind a sink unit in a first floor bathroom, ant control in Perth in a second floor kitchen, ant control in Dundee in first floor rooms in a care home, ant control in Glenrothes for ants in a top floor bedroom and ant control in Pitlochry for ants on a stairway and landing.

Ants are crawling insects and it isn’t nice to think of them crawling on the dirty ground and then crawling over kitchen worktops or even on food. Food Hygiene Laws require that food isn’t contaminated this way and so it is particularly important for food businesses to get professional pest control for ant problems.

Always get professional ant pest control before the ant infestation gets out of hand. It is usual to see just a few ants one day and think that there isn’t really a problem. But these are only ant ‘scouts’ from the ant nest, looking for food,  and then,  suddenly, you will have hundreds of ants infesting the room. Ant problems get worse in hot summer weather too, so a low-level ant problem now can develop very quickly to an ant infestation. And unpleasant ant swarms in summer in the house can come from ant infestations that have not had professional ant pest control treatment earlier in the year.

We get rid of ants inside and outside safely, so children, pets and wildlife are not harmed and food is not contaminated. And we use a variety of pest control ant methods too; insecticides, insecticide-free and organic for natural ant control. We have the experience and equipment to control ant infestations in Perth & Kinross, treat ant infestations in Dundee and get rid of ant infestations in Pitlochry in offices, hotels and restaurants, houses, kitchens and on patios and paths.

If you need to control ant problems, get rid of ants in the house or have an ant infestation then get in touch. See more about our ant pest control.