If you have ever had (or met someone with) a pet rat, you may know how cute they are. Yes, cute – pet rats, or fancy rats as they are known, are far removed from the dastardly creatures that cause havoc for private residences and businesses throughout the year. It would be foolhardy to assume wild rats are identical to those. It’s not the case.

While it is possible to spot rats at any time of the year, it is more likely to spot them – and potentially to be bothered by their activity – once the weather gets colder. Rats are smart – they will attempt to find shelter wherever they can when temperatures drop and the weather becomes wetter and windier, as it is wont to do at this time of the year.

What can you do to protect your property?

There are things you can do to make sure they do not get into your property though. For starters, make sure you keep your doors and windows closed throughout the winter months. You’ll likely do this anyway if it is cold, otherwise you’ll lose heat from your home or business. That sense of warmth is attractive to rats and other vermin. If there is food available too, so much the better.

Keep things tidy outside

You should also make sure the exterior of your property – whether it is a private residence or a business – is clean and tidy. Clear away any rubbish to ensure it does not attract rats or mice. They love to tuck themselves away and hide if they can, and rubbish bags and other items give them a chance to do that.

Think metal and glass

This holds true both indoors and outdoors. Rats need to gnaw on things to keep their teeth at a manageable length. Yes, they continue to grow, unlike human teeth. They will also happily gnaw at anything that contains food. Metal and glass, however, cannot be broken into by rats.

So, look at getting a metal dustbin with a lid that is securely fitted into place. Indoors, make sure all food containers are made from either metal or glass. Again, properly fitted lids are essential to make sure the rats cannot knock them off.

Making your property an unattractive place to be should ward off any vermin gaining access and feeding on what they find there.