wasp removal and wasp nest eradication

Wasps control, wasp removal and wasp nest eradication

Wasp control in Perth & Kinross is keeping us on our toes at the moment. The recent spell of hot weather has encouraged more wasp activity  – as it did in 2018 – and wasp nests are getting big very quickly now.

Wasp control can be done by wasp nest removal and by treating the nest for wasp nest eradication. Sometimes you can see a wasp nest, such as inside a shed or garage or a wasp nest in the attic, and we can do wasp nest removal. The picture was taken when we did wasp control by wasp nest removal in Glenrothes from a hedge. Recently we did wasp control by wasp nest removal in Dundee where the wasp nest was the size of a football – that’s an awful lot of wasps but we can still do it! Some are accessible but well hidden – and waiting to give you a very nasty surprise – like a wasp nest under a BBQ that we did wasp nest removal and wasp control in Cupar for. An unusual case was wasp control by wasp nest removal in Kinross for a wasp nest on a bedroom curtain. The commonest wasp control and wasp nest removal in Pitlochry, Perth, Dunfermline, Dundee, Auchterarder – well, everywhere really – is wasp control for wasp nests in sheds and garages.

Very often though a wasp nest is in the roof or eaves, in a wall or in the ground so you cannot see it. You should be able to see wasps flying at the entrance of the wasp nest though, and it is best to look for wasp activity like this on a sunny day when the wasps are more active.

In these cases we do wasp control by wasp nest eradication through the entrance to the wasp nest. One house roof we did wasp control with wasp nest eradication in Perth for this month had 15 wasp nests in the roof – it is a good job we spotted them all because that number of wasp nests would cause serious problems later on in the summer.  The greatest number of  wasp nests we have ever eradicated in one house roof in Perth is 21 and our record for wasp control and wasp nest eradication in Pitlochry is 14.

When a wasp nest is hidden like this then it cannot be removed, but it will never be used again by wasps and will not attract wasps in the future.

Our professional pest control and wasp control service has the right access equipment to reach wasp nests in the roof or high up and in difficult to reach places and we use professional wasp control application equipment to eradicate a wasp nest through narrow gaps and cracks.

We provide professional wasps control, wasp removal and wasp nest eradication; our wasp nest eradication is guaranteed.
We use wasp control available only for professional use and have experience in all wasp control methods. We do wasp control safely too, so no harm is done to children, pets, bee hives and wildlife.

We always recommend using a professional wasp control service; doing it yourself really isn’t worth the risk. If in doubt, contact us for professional wasp control advice on wasp removal, wasp nest eradication and getting rid of wasps in Perth & Kinross, Dundee, Dunfermline, Glenrothes, Cupar and Pitlochry.