Think Ahead: Be Prepared for Nesting Season

Christmas already feels like a long time ago. The New Year has begun, and while January is often a dark and cold month, it is a month that inspires many of us to look ahead.

It’s worth doing that if you want to be prepared for nesting season, too. We have a while yet before sparrows and starlings will begin to build their nests for 2018. However, it comes around quickly, and once the nests are built, you cannot disturb or get rid of them.

Installing bird proofing measures

It is always best to be prepared, even if you haven’t been bothered by nesting birds in previous years. There is always a first time. And as we have seen, once they nest, it is too late to do anything about it. Once that happens, you’ve got the mess, nesting material, and other problems to deal with.

Bird proofing comes in many forms. You can buy spikes to prevent birds from landing. Bird scarers are a possibility, as is netting to deter birds from entering gaps underneath your roof tiles. Anything you can do to prevent sparrows and starlings from making their nests in your home should be done now. Starting in January means you have a couple of months to get everything done, too. February and March represent the last opportunities you will get to birdproof your home.

Getting expert advice

While many bird proofing solutions are easy to install, they can require the use of a ladder. Anyone who doesn’t like heights won’t enjoy the job. Sometimes, it is best to call in the professionals to do everything for you.

Additionally, there is nothing worse than bird proofing your ‘entire’ home, only to realise you missed a crucial area or gap. Sparrows and starlings are small birds. If you miss something, that gap could be all they require to make a home and a nest for themselves and their young.

It is also worth bird proofing your property if neighbours have recently done the same. When the birds arrive, they may be attracted to your property if you have not taken steps to bird proof it.

So, make one New Year’s Resolution this January. Make a pact to get that bird proofing in place so you can enjoy the coming months without worrying about nesting birds on your property. You will be glad you did.