The Year of the Rat!

The Year of the Rat!

Rat control for rat infestations has been keeping us very busy indeed – this seems to be the Year of the Rat!

Rats in gardens in Perth & Kinross are common in the winter. The rats find shelter under compost bins, decking and sheds and will even burrow in to flower beds.  Rats at the bird-feeding are seen very often too.  Piles of garden waste or logs give rats cover to hide under and piles of rubbish give rats food as well as cover to hide under. Once a rat infestation has established in the garden then the rats are not just going to go away, and there are always more rats nearby ready to move in too.

Rat pest control should always be used to get rid of rats in the garden as soon as possible. Firstly, this is because the rats will contaminate the garden ground with diseases that are a risk to human health and the health of unvaccinated dogs.

Secondly, the rats can start to move in to garage and houses so that you get a rat infestation in the house. This is because rats get in to houses when they have been in the garden for some time and have had a chance to explore the outside of the house and find ways inside. Rats can dig under the house walls, find gaps around pipework and holes in vents to squeeze in through, come through broken drains or drain covers and even climb up to get though holes in the roof or eaves.

Rats in houses are causing increasing problems now that the winter weather is really setting in. Recent cases are rat control in Dundee for rats digging under the house wall and getting under the floors, rat control in Perth for rats chewing through skirting boards from the rat-infested basement, rat pest control in Cupar for very loud noises in the night due to rats in the attic, rat pest control in Pitlochry for food being stolen from the kitchen at night by rats. Horror stories of rat infestations show how bad a rat infestation can get.

Rats are nocturnal normally, moving around at night. If you start to see rats in the garden during the day then you can be sure there are more rats hidden away some where and there is a rat infestation in the garden. Noises in the house at night could be a sign of rats in the house so do not ignore them. The best way to get rid of a rat infestation is to use our professional rat pest control. We can use rodenticides available only to professional, certified users and we have the knowledge and skills to get rid of rats without harming wildlife or pets. We provide a rat-proofing service to keep rats out of houses too.  Contact us for help and advice.