swarm of bees

Most people are aware that bees are endangered. They do a vital job in pollinating plants and crops. Without them, it is thought that around a third of our crops may no longer be pollinated at all. That’s why preserving and protecting our bees – particularly honey bees – is so important.

That said, it is understandable that people are nervous of bees. They can sting, although they generally do not do so unless they feel they are under threat. With many people feeling nervous when they see just one or two bees, it is easy to see why people panic when they see a swarm of bees.

And we are in the perfect time of year to spot just that.

What is a swarm of bees and why do we see them?

In the world of bees, spring is the perfect time to move home. While we tend to protect our belongings when moving, bees want to protect what is most important to them – their queen. If you see a swarm, you can bet the queen is hidden somewhere in the middle. When a swarm reaches a certain size, a new queen is crowned too. Those bees near the original queen will stay with her. Meanwhile, other bees will protect their new queen and this group will break off and go elsewhere in search of a nest. This creates the swarm you might have seen.

The swarm will likely settle on whatever seems suitable while a few bees go off to find a new home. When they find one, the swarm will relocate to take up residence in the new location. Until then, and possibly for a few days, the swarm will remain where it is. That might mean settling on a tree or fence in your garden.

Should you remove the swarm if it is close to your home?

Not if you can help it. Most swarms will relocate safely in a few days, perhaps sooner. The best advice is to steer clear of it and not to disturb it (whether accidentally or deliberately) in any way. However, if it is located somewhere inconvenient, such as right next to your front door, you may wish to find out about bee swarm removal from a pest control expert. This might be necessary if you want to go about your life safely without fear of being stung.