Rodent Control in Perth

Rodent Control in Perth

Rodent control is not needed for this little mouse sitting out in the garden. Very soon though, this mouse, and many others, will start moving in to houses, sheds, garages and buildings for shelter from the autumn and winter weather and, very soon, rodent control in Perth will be needed to get rid of mice.

Mice can squeeze in through gaps as small as 6mm, and they can dig in under a house wall, or climb up the wall of the house. That’s how they get inside so easily. They’re very agile too and will crawl up walls, cables and pipes to infest everywhere inside.

Once they are safely sheltered inside, then they start to explore for food by chewing everything they find to see if it is edible. This is how they cause so much mouse damage. For example, a mouse will find a plastic water pipe and nibble it but, of course, plastic is not edible and so the mouse will stop chewing and spit out the plastic. Unfortunately, the mouse does not realise that the whole pipe is not edible and so it chews the next bit of the pipe, and the next and the next and so on.  Amazingly, a mouse can chew 6 times every second and so it does not take long for it to chew right through the plastic water pipe!

We been called in very often to get rid of mice when they have caused damage. Mice chewed through a dishwasher hose, ruining the tiled floor and needing mouse control in Perth & Kinross.  Dundee rodent control was required for mice chewing through alarm cables. Rodent control in Pitlochry for cushions and duvets damaged by mice in a holiday let. Fife has plenty of mice too and we provide rodent control to get rid of mice in Cupar and Dunfermline.

Mouse control is achieved best by using poison baits to get rid of mice and  with mouse-proofing. We provide a full, professional pest control service for rodent control and mice control. If you need advice or need to get rid of mice then contact us.