Be Ready for Blue Bottles in Your Chimney This Summer

It hardly feels as though summer is on the way just yet, but this is the time of year to be aware of potential problems in your chimney. From March through until September, blue bottles can cause an issue. Birds will find all sorts of places to nest, including chimneys if they can access them. Not all chicks survive, and blue bottles love nothing better than finding rotting chicks and other dead animals to feast upon. It’s hardly the ideal thing to think about, but it happens – and it is best to be aware of it in case you are bothered by blue bottles this summer.

Blue bottles may only live for around a month, but they love warmer temperatures. That’s why you see lots of them during the summer, and from March onwards there is a chance you could see them in your home. While one or two are a mere nuisance and nothing to worry about, be alert for a swarm of them, or regular sightings of them. If you spot them flying in and out of your chimney, it could point to a dead bird up there. March often marks the beginning of nesting time too, which is another reason why the chances of seeing blue bottles increase in line with it.

Watch them to determine where they are coming from

Blue bottles are a nuisance, but they also harbour germs. Watch closely to find out the likely source for them so you can resolve it. If a bird has become stuck in your chimney, or there is a nest up there, you’ll need to get rid of any bird carcasses. Blue bottles are attracted to these and will lay eggs in them, so even if you kill a dozen or more blue bottles, don’t be too surprised to find more appearing over time.

Once you have a good idea of their source, call in a pest control expert to deal with the infestation for you. This is not an easy thing to deal with yourself. Fly spray can help, but you need to be careful of the spray, especially if you have pets.

The best advice is to rid your home of whatever the blue bottles are feasting on. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a perpetual series of maggots and blue bottles. Not the sort of thing to help you celebrate the warmer months.