Get Rid Of Pigeons And Pigeon Mess

Summer seems filled with birds of all kinds. Some are perhaps more welcome than others. However, as August approaches its end and we ease into September with autumn approaching, we reach a different challenge. This is the period where pigeons can become notable pests, finding shelter wherever they can as the weather turns cooler and eventually much colder.

It’s no surprise to realise these pigeons are not going to turn down the chance to roost in your attic or underneath the rafters if they can. They don’t think of whether their presence is going to cause you any issues. They simply see an opportunity and take it.

Should you do the same?

If you suspect you have pigeons roosting or you have seen pigeons nearby during the summer, it would be prudent to take professional advice from an experienced pest controller.

It is important to recognise you cannot legally get rid of pigeons in the UK by using pesticides. This can leave you feeling powerless to control a pigeon problem if you have one on your property.

However, there are ways to control the situation without resorting to illegal methods. Professional pest controllers know what can and cannot be done to manage a bird problem. Rather than eradicating them, it’s wise to control them to ensure they no longer cause any issues.

Pigeons – along with all birds – can cause significant health issues, especially if there are large numbers of them around. This isn’t something you should put up with, yet the law can leave you feeling powerless and unable to do anything to help your own health and well-being.

So, what can be done to control pest pigeons?

Bird netting prevents the pigeons from returning to roost in areas they are familiar with. Spikes can also be installed along the tops of walls and in other convenient areas where the birds often land. These are safe methods that cause no harm to the birds yet prevent them from returning to areas they have found shelter in the past.

The best way to ensure you do not break any laws and yet can still rid yourself of pigeons is to contact a professional pest control expert for advice. There may well be many more things you can do than you might think – and now is the time to take on the challenge.