Mice in the attic

Mice in the attic

Noises in the roof at this customer’s property turned out to be mice in the attic. The mice had been busy chewing the pipe insulation, which is not what you want when temperatures are dropping so far below freezing.

Mice can chew 6 times every second, nibbling at everything they find to see if it is edible, so it doesn’t take them long to get through insulation, a water pipe or electric cable. Mice also are very inquisitive and will chew at many different things when they are searching for food in a property, which mean that more than one pipe or electric cable can be damaged very quickly. Mice in garages will also damage cables and piping, including car brake pipes, and we used mouse control in Auchterarder to get rid of mice living inside a car boot!

Many customers have had mouse damage this winter. Mouse control in Perth was needed when mice chewed through alarm system cables, collapsed ceilings from leaking pipes required mouse control in Pitlochry, mouse control in Dundee was started after underfloor heating failed due to a water leak from mouse damage and chewed boiler cabling needed mouse control in Kinross.

Many people will try mouse traps to get rid of mice, but these cannot get rid of a mouse infestation or achieve a proper level of mouse control. The best thing to do is to get professional mouse pest control to make sure that mouse numbers are kept as low as possible and to avoid mouse damage.

We can also advise on mouse-proofing to stop mice getting in, and we can do the mouse-proofing professionally for you. Contact us for advice on mouse control, mouse infestations and mouse proofing and for professional mouse pest control.