cockroach infestation

Do You Know the Number One Sign of a Cockroach Infestation?

Cockroaches are hardy creatures. It is often said they would be the last creatures remaining on earth if something else came along and wiped out everyone and everything else. Suffice to say no one would want to be faced with an infestation of these roaches. But would you know whether you were unfortunate enough to have this problem?

Most of us have never seen a cockroach, and hopefully that will remain so. There is a good reason for that too. If you do see one in your home, and you see it during the day, this is the main sign you could have an infestation to deal with. Many creatures are nocturnal, so if you spot a cockroach in your home during the day, there is a chance there could be plenty more around too. You just haven’t seen them yet.

If you don’t see them, how can you tell if they are present?

Cockroaches don’t clean up after themselves. This means droppings are an obvious sign you have a problem. The size of the droppings can vary, depending on the size of the cockroaches that are present.

For example, smaller ones will give the appearance of black pepper sprinkled around on the floor and possibly other surfaces. You might also think you’ve spilled some coffee, as the appearance is similar. Bigger roaches can leave behind droppings shaped like small cylinders. There is also some variation between species.

Watch out for a musty smell, too. If you keep your home clean and tidy and disinfect surfaces and mop regularly, you’ll find it easier to spot the smell as soon as it occurs. The stronger it is, the more likely it is there are more roaches around.

What to do

Remove all food sources the cockroaches could get into if you suspect you have some in your home. Look for crevices and any openings they could be getting in through, too. Sweep and clean the floor and other possible areas they are using daily. You can then assess where new signs appear.

While you can purchase home remedies to combat the cockroaches, you need to be sure their eggs are also eradicated. If not, you could get rid of adult cockroaches only to have more hatch soon after. Sometimes the best way to be certain you are rid of them all is to contact the experts.