Just a hole in the ground? Wasp nest in Dundee

Just a hole in the ground? That’s what a customer with a wasp problem in Dundee thought, until they started digging nearby – look at what happens in the video!

We had to eradicate this wasp nest in Dundee as it was dangerous – the customer got stung several times after they’d disturbed it. Wasp problems in Dundee seem to be very bad this year. We’ve got rid of wasp nests in the ground, on houses and in roofs and eaves in Dundee and removed plenty of wasp nests in sheds and garages.

Wasp nests start with just one, queen wasp in the spring. She lays eggs throughout the spring and summer to produce worker wasps and so gradually the nest gets bigger and bigger until there are hundreds of wasps in the nest.

At this time of year the wasps get really aggressive and will attack you if you disturb the wasp nest. All the wasps in the video are worker wasps and they were ready in their hundreds to defend their nest by attacking and stinging.

You might not mean to disturb the wasp nest, like the customer with the wasp nest in the ground in Dundee who was only digging near the nest, or you could open the door of a shed without realising there was a wasp nest on the other side. It doesn’t matter to the wasps, they will still have a go at you. They can sting more than once too – that is an awful lot of wasp stings!

If you have a wasp nest in Dundee that needs eradicating or treating and removing, then leave it to the professionals and call us in.