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It’s Peak Flea Season: Are You Affected?

The past few weeks have seen plenty of hot weather across the UK. If you own a cat or dog, you’ll know how important it is to keep them out of the heat. However, they still like to venture outside both early and late in the day. Our dog regularly sits outside to watch the world go by after 7pm, and the back door is open for much of the day.

Small wonder then that many pet owners are experiencing problems with fleas. Fleas exist all year round, but they can pose a bigger problem during the summer months. They love the warmth and since pets are outside more often, they can easily pick up fleas more often as well.

Regularly treating your pet with vet-approved flea treatments is the best way to protect them against flea infestations. If your pet goes outside and a flea lands on them, it will begin to die from the moment it does so. A good treatment is usually repeated once a month to provide protection – both for your pet and for your home.

How do you know if your pet has brought fleas into your home?

With a good regular treatment, you shouldn’t have any problems. However, there are tell-tale signs you should watch out for that will reveal if you have a flea problem in your home.

Firstly, your pet will scratch a lot if they have fleas. You might also see them on their coat, especially if they are white or light in colour. Get a flea comb to check their fur if you are unsure.

Secondly, you may notice you feel itchy and have bites too. Human flea bites often occur around the ankles, as they jump and latch on for a feed. However, if you have fleas in your bedding, you could be bitten anywhere.

You can also set up a shallow bowl of warm water with some washing-up liquid in it. Put this near your pet’s bedding. Grab a desk lamp that can be directed to point at the bowl and leave it there overnight. Any fleas in the vicinity will be attracted to it and drown. One or two fleas shouldn’t be much to worry about, but if you get lots of them you may wish to consider professional flea treatments from a pest controller to regain a flea-free home.