That title may sound alarming, but it is better to be aware of the potential of being affected by rats than to be presented with the problem once it begins. In truth, all businesses are at risk, since rats aren’t fussy about where they go. They can cause significant damage inside buildings too, since they continuously gnaw to keep their teeth at a manageable length. Wood, cabling, walls… you name it, if they find something to gnaw, they will gnaw it.

Some businesses are at greater risk than others, though. Food-related businesses are the obvious choice here, since the aroma of food is very attractive. We are tempted, so it would be foolhardy to assume nearby rats won’t be.

Rats are never far away

It’s hard to say just how big the rat population is in Scotland. However, it’s reasonable to assume most premises and properties have rats living far closer than you’d think.

Rats are looking for three things – food, water, and shelter. Food premises provide all three of these things, so it is important to prevent access rather than waiting until you have a problem. All food should be stored in containers made from glass or metal, preventing access by rats gnawing through to get at the contents.

Cleanliness is important too, both inside and outside the premises. This applies to all businesses, not just to food-related ones. Any type of debris can potentially attract rats, and once they are nearby there is always a chance that they will find a way into the building.

What should you do if you see signs of rats?

Droppings are the most obvious sign, and they’ll be bigger than mouse droppings and quite easy to see. If you spot a few of these, there is a real chance you already have one or two (or more) rats nearby. At this point, you should make sure you call in pest control experts to discover the extent of the problem. Even if you do not think any rats have got inside your building, your business could be at risk. Seeing signs of rats nearby means there are likely several of them already causing problems. You may simply not be fully aware of those problems yet.

Early detection, prevention, and resolution is the aim here. Calling the experts is the only way to get things under control.