How to Spot a Wasp Nest

We are in the middle of the peak season for wasp nests. These tend to be spotted anytime from June through until September. Wasps will begin to build their nests early in spring. However, since they are small at that time, many of them go unnoticed. It is not until the summer months that people might spot the nests. By this time, they have got bigger and are easier to see. There will also be an increased instance of wasps nearby.

How can you tell if there is a wasp nest on your property?

The main sign is lots of wasps. We are all used to seeing the odd wasp flying around during the summer. That’s not an issue. Steer well clear of them and try not to disturb them. Bee stings are a possibility, if rare, but wasps can get nasty if they think you are trying to attack them. Not only will they sting you to defend themselves, they could do some several times. Not pleasant.

If you suspect there is a nest, you should look both inside and outside your home to see if you can find it. Most often, they occur outside the home. Wasps will make their homes in or around roofs and in trees. Sometimes, they will even build their nest on the side of a building. Some can be easier to spot than others.

Don’t go near the nest when you find it

The easiest way to spot a wasp nest is to watch the wasps. Where are they going to and from? By watching their behaviour, you should be able to locate the nest without going near it.

Since there are several species of wasp, you may not know which type has created the nest. In some cases, bees’ nests can be mistaken for wasp nests. These cannot be removed as bees are rightly protected.

Do not attempt to remove the nest – seek professional help

Even if you know you are not allergic to wasp stings, you still shouldn’t attempt removal of the nest on your own. Call in the pest control experts to handle it. They will do so safely for you. They can also identify what is using the nest; if they are bees, they will leave the nest as it is. If that’s the case and the nest is in a troublesome spot, relocation might be a possibility.