How to Prevent Pigeons Causing a Nuisance Around Your Property

If you asked 100 people to name their favourite bird, chances are none of them would mention a pigeon. Indeed, these birds can be nothing but pests, especially when they find a good spot to roost in. If they find somewhere to settle in, there is little you can do to get rid of them. It is far better to deter them from finding such locations around your house to start with if you can.

Where are pigeons most likely to roost?

Different birds will nest in different places according to their preferences. Pigeons like to roost in guttering and rooftops. If they find a way into your roof space, you can be sure they will make the most of it.

So, the first step to preventing pigeons from nesting in or near your home is to look around to find as many potential nesting spots as you can. You then need to protect those spots. If you find ways they can enter your roof space, those entry points need to be blocked off. You can protect your guttering while still leaving it able to carry rainwater away by installing gutter guards. To ward off the pigeons, these should be designed with spikes on them to prevent the pigeons from landing there. Once installed, you don’t need to do anything else.

Keep a ball of string handy

String might seem an innocent item, but it works well to deter pigeons from landing in various situations. For example, you may not want to install spikes along a garden wall, but you do want to prevent the pigeons landing there. Tying one or two lengths of string between the fence posts will make it difficult for them to land. Easy, unobtrusive, but very practical.

Check access to your chimney(s)

It’s easy to examine some areas of your home, while being almost impossible to check others. If a pigeon can get into your chimney, you could well find it becomes blocked over time. Get a wire ‘cap’ installed to make sure your chimney can still do its job while preventing the pigeons from getting inside.

If you need professional pest control advice regarding pigeon roosting or nesting, it can assist you in making sure your home is far from ideal for these pesky birds. Taking steps now will protect your home from being their number one choice in the coming months.