Some pests are more likely to access your home during a specific time of the year. For example, mice seek shelter during the cold Scottish winters. So, while you could get problems any time of the year, they are far more likely during the colder months.

The same cannot be said of cockroaches. You could end up with a problem with these pests at any time – but there are ways to limit the chances of this happening to you. The odds are raised during the warmer months, but they’ll be there throughout the year, seeking out spots that are humid and warm. Two elements they love to find.

What do cockroaches love to see?

Food – and lots of it. If you tend to leave food out in your kitchen, this could attract the roaches (along with other pests). Even crumbs on a work surface can be enough to attract them. Regular and thorough cleaning habits are a good way to minimise the odds of being bothered by these pests. The best thing to do is to clean round every night before bed, sweeping or vacuuming your kitchen floor to catch anything that has been dropped there.

A source of water is also vital for roaches. However, this could be something as little as condensation in your bathroom or kitchen (from cooking).

Where do you need to look to find signs of them?

Signs such as droppings and even discarded skins can be found in the most attractive places roaches love to hide. For example, check near pipework in your kitchen and bathroom. Check behind the bath panel. Look in your cupboards and underneath cabinet plinths to see if there are any signs there. If you notice an odd smell, it could mean there are roaches nearby.

If you suspect you might have a problem with cockroaches, you can get in touch with a pest control team today to find out what steps you can take to get rid of them. Experts will find it much easier to spot signs you may miss. It’s possible to suspect you have a pest problem and be incorrect in guessing which pest is involved. You may see signs of roaches even if you don’t see the pests themselves. Getting expert advice is by far the best way to resolve any cockroach infestation you may be faced with.