pest fleas

Some days it almost feels like winter already. Despite the odd ray of sunshine coming through, temperatures are dropping, and pets are spending more time indoors instead of sunning themselves in the garden.

For some pet owners, that means there is no need to continue the flea treatments they may have used to get them safely through the summer months. When the weather is warmer, there is a peak in reports of flea infestations inside homes throughout the country. Yet while it is true that fleas are around in greater numbers in the summer, they don’t disappear when the temperature drops. They may not have the strength in numbers seen in warmer weather, but they’re still there.

This is one reason why some pet owners find themselves with an infestation of fleas during the winter. It’s vital to make sure your pet is properly treated against fleas throughout the year. Not only does it protect your pet and minimise the chance of any skin infections or irritations, it also ensures your property remains flea free.

It’s always wise to keep an eye on your pet’s bedding (and your pet, of course) to check for signs of fleas. If your pet is treated with a vet-approved treatment, it doesn’t stop fleas landing on them. It does, however, kill the fleas – usually before they get a chance to bite. You’ll notice them moving far more slowly than usual, slow enough that you can pick them off and get rid of them. They won’t get the chance to infest your pet or their bedding.

Don’t be tempted to get the cheaper flea solutions you can pick up in your local stores. They are cheap for a reason – they often don’t work. If you’ve been using these products and you’ve noticed some fleas in the house, it’s worth remembering that only a few fleas are ever spotted during an infestation. Most fleas are never seen.

If you suspect you have an infestation in your property, it can take lots of effort and time to get rid of them all. New ones may well hatch even as you get rid of the adult fleas. In some cases, a professional pest control expert is the best source of help and advice for ridding your home of fleas. And don’t forget, it’s still possible to get an infestation during winter.