Could You Tell if Your Bed was Infested with Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs – not the most pleasant of household intruders. They may be one of the smallest intruders around, but they can still be seen by the naked eye. They can also cause issues if they have the chance to breed and multiply.

The name may suggest you will only ever find bed bugs in your bed. However, there is also a chance they could infest sofas, armchairs, or similar items of furniture. This is one reason why many people advise against buying secondhand furniture. You can never be completely sure of its history or whether it has been infested prior to purchase.

Indeed, if you discover you have bed bugs and you have recently bought something secondhand, that could be the source.

Clues that point to a bed bug infestation

If you start noticing small itchy bites anywhere on your body, it could be a sign of bed bugs. The arms and legs are common areas to receive them, as is the face. These areas tend to be exposed while we sleep, although bites can occur anywhere. Some people react to the bites more than others.

You should also look for tiny dark spots on your sheets and mattress. These are typically tiny spots of blood caused by them biting you. You might also see other staining on your sheets caused by them defecating. They can also shed their skins, leaving them around for you to find. Not pleasant, and yet more reasons why it makes sense to get rid of them.

Do bed bugs carry diseases?

No, but you would undoubtedly still prefer not to have them around. Getting rid of bed bugs can only be done with a proper approach to eradicating them. They will not die out on their own – far from it. They will breed, hatch more eggs, and you’ll end up with more bugs to deal with.

Since a thorough eradication of the bugs is the only way to prevent bites and to resolve the problem, it is usually wise to call in the professional pest controllers. Specialist equipment and methods will be used that are far beyond anything you could do alone. Since bed bugs are so difficult to get rid of with DIY methods, it is money well spent to make sure the problem does go away with professional help. You’ll soon have your home back again – bed bug free