Does Cold Weather Reduce the Odds of Being Pestered by Pests?

It’s certainly been very cold recently, as much of the UK has seen snowfall, with many areas affected by lying snow and ice. That means we’re shutting windows and doors to keep the heat in, but does that also mean we can expect fewer pests in and near our homes?

Some pests are less prevalent in the winter months. Insect species tend to be very visible during the summer, and disappear once the weather starts getting colder. But while other pests may not be visible, it doesn’t mean they aren’t still around. And some of them could well be looking for a warm place to shelter as the temperature drops. That place could be inside your home, perhaps in the attic or loft space, or in another area of your property.

Closing off access

While you won’t keep the back door open during cold weather, providing easy entry for pests of all kinds, they could still find entry in other ways. You should always be aware of the condition of your property and the chances of anything getting in. Even a hole small enough to poke a pen or pencil in could be all that is required for a mouse to gain entry.

Pay attention to the exterior of your property in other ways, too

As we approach Christmas, there is a greater chance we’ll all have more rubbish to get rid of than usual. This applies to food waste as well as other items such as packaging and wrapping paper.

When you dispose of these, make sure you do so securely. Many householders are now given lockable food containers to dispose of food waste in, so pests cannot get access to them. Make sure you use these so nothing is tempted to get close to your property to dig through the rubbish. If you make your property more attractive to pests, they are likely to bother you rather than looking elsewhere for a property to get into.

Clear up the areas surrounding your property – that means sweeping up fallen leaves, debris, and keeping things as clean and tidy as possible. Pests of all kinds will be looking for shelter.

We’ve all got lots to think about and plan for during December. But make sure planning to keep your home secure, tidy, and pest-free is on your list of things to do as well.