cluster fly

Are Cluster Flies Clustering in Your Home this Winter?

As pests go, flies are not the most frustrating species you could have an issue with. However, no one wants flies buzzing around. While we tend to associate flies with the summer months, it is possible to see cluster flies in the winter. Moreover, it is possible those flies could present a problem inside your home rather than outside.

By now, cluster flies are no doubt causing an issue inside homes throughout the UK. They are so-called because they tend to stick together, clustering in areas to get through the winter. You’ll see them outdoors in the summer, but they hibernate through the winter months. If they find a way into your property, they will quite happily hibernate there.

Where can you spot them?

If they can get into your roof space, they will do so. This gives them plenty of room and warmth and the least likely chance of being disturbed. However, you may hear them up there. Upon inspecting the loft, you will likely see them around the eaves and along beams. You might also spot them elsewhere in the home, such as around windows – especially on window sills.

Are they harmful?

No, they don’t pose a threat to us in that sense – they are more an irritation than anything else. No one minds the odd fly getting into their home, but you wouldn’t want a whole cluster of them. You might be tempted to leave them alone if they are in your loft space and not causing a problem. However, come spring, they will start laying eggs, and you won’t want that to happen inside your home.

How to get rid of cluster flies in your home

You can take steps to prevent many pests getting into your home. However, this is not as easy with cluster flies. They don’t need much space to get in, after all, so you will need to find another method for getting rid of them.

There are various products available that can help you deal with a minor issue. They should always be used with care and only after reading the instructions. However, for a larger infestation, it is always best to call the experts. Sometimes, this is the safest and quickest method to regaining your home from the winter phenomenon of cluster flies. Would it suit you to follow this path too?