Bird proofing solar panels

Bird proofing solar panels

Solar panel bird proofing was very much needed for this customer. There had been so many pest pigeons under the solar panels for so long that a lot of pigeon droppings and nesting material had accumulated under the panels. Plant seeds had found their way to this nutrient and nitrogen rich accumulation of pigeon mess and a weedy forest was actually growing through the solar panel. This could have damaged the panels as well as reducing their effectiveness and looking a complete mess on the roof.

Our customer wanted to get rid of the birds at the solar panels, not only because of the vegetation but also the noise of the pigeons in the morning and the filth and mess from pigeons that was blocking the gutters and downpipes – you can see the grass growing in the gutter.

Problems like this with pigeons under the solar panels can run out of hand very quickly as pigeons are very social birds, gathering in groups, so once some start nesting under solar panels then others will join them. Their young will nest under the solar panels too, and that can be a lot of young pigeons as pest pigeons will breed most of the year, not just in spring and summer.

To stop birds nesting under solar panels we install a solar panel bird proofing kit with solar panel bird mesh. This is carefully fitted so that no damage is done to the panels. We clear out the pigeons, nests and mess from under the panels – it is illegal to block any pigeons in – and clean out the gutters too. Our solar panel exclusion kit is professionally installed and a permanent and very worthwhile solution for solar panel bird proofing.

How much does it cost to pigeon proof solar panels? Each problem is different – the height of the roof, number of pigeons, amount of mess and layout of panels vary – and so we give a written, fixed price quote for each customer wanting solar panel bird mesh. If you would like to find out how much bird proofing solar panels cost then please contact us for a quote – there’s no obligation!