Are You Prepared to Deter Sparrows and Starlings from Nesting This Year?

We’re all used to seeing sparrows and starlings flying around, perhaps perching in trees when we head outside for a walk. Yet seeing them while we are out and about is a very different prospect from having them on your property. While you might be happy with their presence in general, this opinion can soon change if you find your property is the target for their nesting habits.

Sparrows and starlings are both protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This basically means you cannot do anything to harm them in any way. Aside from being prohibited from harming the birds, you cannot do anything to harm their nests either. If you find a nest, it doesn’t matter if there are no birds currently in it. If they are using the nest, it is illegal to do anything with it.

This means it is very important to bird-proof your property prior to February and March each year. This is the time of year when these birds will start making their nests and using them. Preventative action is the only thing you can rely on to stop these birds making a nuisance of themselves. For instance, if you have birds nesting on your property, you can expect bird mess to be a regular feature throughout the nesting season. The constant tweeting of birds may also get on your nerves!

Aside from that, you may find your property needs some TLC this year. The presence of protected birds such as sparrows and starlings can put a spanner in the works. Let’s say for example your soffits and guttering need replacing this year. If they are left as they are, you may experience some further damage to your roof. This is because water is allowed to get into the structure and cause problems there.

However, if you have a nest in your roof or anywhere in that area of your home, you won’t be able to do anything about it. No matter how urgent the need for new guttering, soffits and fascias might be, you will be prohibited from touching it. This is simply because you would be endangering the lives of the birds.

So now is the time to bird-proof your property before time runs out, and you end up welcoming new inhabitants for the nesting season this year.