Get Rid Of Pigeons And Pigeon Mess

No one would invite pigeons to come and use their home when they are looking for somewhere to roost. That said, many people are unwittingly doing just that each year.

Come March, pigeons will be looking for places to make their home for the coming months. Some people don’t see pigeons as harmful, but while they won’t attack you, they will cause damage to your home if you let them. They’re not too fussy about where they leave mess, which in turn can lead to other issues with other pests.

So, what can you do to make sure you’re not bothered by pigeons this year?

Make sure your attic doesn’t lay out a welcome mat

Are there any access points that would invite a pigeon or other pest into your roof space? If so, you must block these before the pigeons arrive. Go up into your attic space to check for holes or any signs that pigeons have been there before. If you had problems last year, those flying problems will return this year if you let them.

Are there any sources of food and water nearby?

This could be a bird bath or bird table. It might be a fruit tree near your property. These and other sources of food and water will tempt pigeons to hang around nearby if they can.

Make sure you remove any old nests before the pigeons return for the year

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 says that you cannot cause harm to pigeons. It is also illegal to damage or remove their nests if they are in use. The same applies to any eggs that might be in those nests.

Since pigeons tend to start nesting from March onwards, this is the time to make sure you take all necessary steps to remove appealing nesting spots from your home. You can put spike strips along flat surfaces around the outside of your home, such as on windowsills, for example. If you know of a nesting area that they used last year and cannot remove it for some reason, tying some string across the area will make it almost impossible for them to land there.

If you need further advice or information, seek out a pest control expert who is familiar with the laws surrounding pest birds. They can advise you on what steps to take to ensure you’re not bothered by pigeons this year.