Ant Control in Perth & Kinross

Do you control ant in Perth & Kinross?  That is a question many people are asking us because they need ant pest control in houses, in shops, on doorsteps and patios and many other places.  The commonest ant in Perth & Kinross that we have to use ant control for is the Garden Ant or Black Ant.

Garden Ants live in sandy soil and under stones and slabs normally so ants are often seen in rockeries and on patios and paths. Unfortunately, they also live in foundations and walls when the building materials suit them; then they squeeze through little gaps and cause ant infestations in buildings needing ant pest control

Ants crawl everywhere and this means they could be carrying nasty bugs and dirt on them.  It is unpleasant to think what they are leaving behind in your kitchen or even on your food. This is why it is important that food businesses in Perth need pest control ant problems, so that food isn’t contaminated, as required by Food Hygiene Laws.

It is always best to control ant infestations sooner rather than later, before the problem gets out of hand. There might be just a few ants in the kitchen today but these will be ant ‘scouts’ from the ant nest, looking for food. There could be hundreds soon, after the scout ants have shown all the ants from the ant nest where to come to. Ant problems get worse as the weather warms up in summer too. And unpleasant ants swarms in summer can come from ant infestations that have not had professional ant pest control treatment earlier in the year. This is horrible when the ants swarm in the house.

This week we needed to control ant problems in Perth & Kinross at a restaurant that gets these pests every year; at the very first sign of the ants we use professional ant pest control and this keeps the premises and food free from ants and their contamination. We’ve also treated several houses in Perth to control ant problems in the house and get rid of ants outside at the door step.

We get rid of ants inside and outside safely, so children, pets and wildlife are not harmed and food is not contaminated. And we use a variety of pest control ant methods too; insecticides, insecticide-free and organic for natural ant control. We have the experience and equipment to control ant infestations in Perth & Kinross, teat ant infestations in Dundee and get rid of ant infestations in Pitlochry in offices, hotels and restaurants, houses, kitchens and on patios and paths.

If you need to control ant problems, get rid of ants in the house or have an ant infestation then get in touch with the details; we are available 7 days a week for help and advice. See more about our ant pest control.