Ant control for ants and flying ants swarms

Ant control for ants and flying ants swarms

Ants and flying ants in the house and outside needing ant control in Perth & Kinross will be seen these next few days. This is because it is the ant swarming season, with ants most likely to swarm in hot, humid weather – and it is certainly going to be that this coming week! It happens every year and can be dramatic.

There can be hundreds of ants in a flying ant swarm infestation. There are smaller, male ants and larger, queen ants, mating in the frenzy of the swarm. The males die soon after and the queens go on to establish a new ant nest. Customers sometimes describe it as ants with lots of flies, except the flies are just ants with wings.

Ants live in ant nests in the ground and walls and you normally see crawling, worker ants. Quite often people have a crawling ant infestation, or notice ants at the door and patio or ants in the house over a period of weeks. In contrast, an infestation of flying ants happens very suddenly, filling the air with ants. Flying ants swarm inside and outside houses. Swarming ants at a patio needed ant control in Glenrothes because they ants came inside when the windows were open.  Flying ants were coming out from the tops of kitchen cupboards on the wall in one house for ant control in Dundee. Flying ants from an ant nest in the wall even filled a bathroom at a visit for ant control in Cupar.

To get rid of an ant swarm and ants you must control the ant infestation and ant nest they come from. This is because an ant nest can produce several ant swarms so just killing one swarm will not stop anther swarm happening. Signs of an ant nest are little mounds of earth at walls, doors and paving stones, crawling ants on the ground and in rooms inside. Even if there are only a few ants, there is still an ant nest and an ant infestation.

Profession ant pest control is the best way to get rid of ants and flying ants and to control an ant infestation. Contact us for ant control to get rid of ants and flying ants in Pitlochry, Fife, Dundee and Perth & Kinross.