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Bats In The Loft

Noises in the attic in Perth prompted a visit to a customer this week. They’d been hearing noises in the attic at night, right above the bedroom, and because they’d been woken up – again – they decided to investigate at 11pm. Crawling round the attic by torchlight they found mice staring back at them,…

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What Does A Wasp Nest Look Like & How Do You Spot Them?

A wasp nest is made from wood pulp, laid down in delicate layers by wasps to make a round-shaped nest. It is fixed at one end to the place it has been built in or on. At the opposite end is a hole which is the only entry point to the nest. Generally wasp nests…

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Queen wasp laying down fresh, wet wood pulp to build a nest; this is darker part that she is working on.

The Construction Of A Wasp Nest

1. The queen wasp scrapes dead wood from things like sheds and fences, then mashes it into a wet paper pulp which she moulds into a wasp nest. Firstly, she makes at attachment point to fix the nest in place; then she creates a fine layer in a ball shape with one opening at the…

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Prepare for the March (and Flight) of the Ants

There are worse things you could encounter during the summer months than ants. With that said, they can still be problematic. No doubt you have noticed crawling ants making lots of appearances over the last couple of months. This is set to continue throughout the rest of June. And once they die down, we have…

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