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Brave mother stoat

We disturbed a mother stoat when we were out ferreting rabbits earlier in July. Our white ferret went down the last rabbit hole at a rabbit clearance and control job in the hills above Perth and a stoat popped out the other end, turned round and then went straight back in again. There was a…

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Can you spot the wasp nest?

Can you spot the wasp nest in this picture? It’s well hidden in the shrub, isn’t it. If you look more closely you can see the off-white, papery cone that is so characteristic of wasp nests; you should be able to see the entry hole at the bottom right too. The weather was warmer this…

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Wasp control in Perth for cheeky wasps

These pest wasps were certainly cheeky when they decided to set up camp uninvited and build a wasp nest in Perth in a porch this week; you can see then crawling all over the nest. Our customer hadn’t spotted the wasp nest being built in the front porch. She hadn’t been going out to the…

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A scary wasp nest in Kinross

This large wasp nest in Kinross set all the alarm bells ringing for an electrician this week. Because it was large he could see it as soon as he’d got through the hatch into the customer’s attic – and so he got out again as soon as he could. He did exactly the right thing;…

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A hungry otter

This hungry otter moved in our pest control operations in Perth today. A customer had been losing hens at the hen run and had seen a fox in the grounds too, so they’d asked us to visit and do a pest control survey to see what could be done about it. Whilst we were having…

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A very friendly pigeon

We found a very friendly pigeon at the weekend or, rather, a very friendly pigeon found us. We’d been called out to Fife for bird control to get rid of pest pigeons. These unpleasant birds were plaguing the residents of a street by nesting in gaps in the roof and leaving mess and droppings on the roof,…

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